25 May is the day African countries celebrate Africa day. Alaso Academy took an initiative to conduct a workshop on Sign language and Disability awareness in Bulawayo. With the support of the West Zimbabwe Conference of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, they managed to train more that 120 people who attended the workshop.

Some of the participants posing for a photo after the workshop.

Inclusivity is key in service delivery to every Zimbabwean citizen. Learning a language like Sign language is no longer a luxury but a necessity as this is the only language our deaf friends, relatives and loved ones understand. It is everyone’s constitutional right to read the bible in their own languages, to receive every and any service they need in a language they understand and Sign language is this language.

West Zimbabwe Conference of the Seventh-Day Adventist church partnered with Alaso Academy and provided the venue.

The first step towards inclusive is to learn the language and have an appreciation of disability.

As Alaso Academy, we call upon everyone to, Aspire to Learn, Advance and Seize every Opportunity.

Participants following the proceedings as one of the facilitators from Alaso Academy delivers a presentation

Language lessons and trainings are Alaso Academy’s mandate. One can get in touch with us on different platforms on facebook, twitter, instagram, email and whatsapp or calls. Contacts details are on our contact us page.


  1. A big thank you to the ALASO team, I am so grateful to be part of the family where we got the exposure to the deaf community and got to learn thier language, I am more than willing to continue learning sign language to be able to communicate with them and to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ

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