Alaso Academy Join Forces With Roe’s Brands To Train Sign Language and Detergents Making

Alaso Academy, an institution based in Harare, Zimbabwe has joined forces with Roe’s Brands to train Sign language and raise Disability awareness to the community in Harare on the 14th of May 2023. This comes at a time when most Zimbabweans are on the look for skills which can help them survive. This is in line with the Zimbabwe’s call of leaving no one and no place behind as it will help in making sure that people are able to communicate with the deaf using a language they can understand.

Participants of the workshop will have an advantage and an opportunity of learning how to make dishwasher liquid and pine gel as they will be trained these free of charge. The aim of the workshop is to make sure that PWDs are trained and given a skill which can help them to earn a living in addition to the sources of income they already have, that’s if they have any already.

Sign language learning is on the rise with the cost becoming a bit higher for some which makes this workshop an opportunity for those who might want to learn the language in Harare. Those willing to register and be part of the call can get in touch with Rossalla on +263777072787 or email

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