Alaso Academy and UN Sustainable Development Goals

United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted in 2015, Alaso Academy ran a scoping exercise to explore how closely its research mapped onto them. The degree to which the SDGs spoke to Alaso Academy’s priorities and strengths in research was startling, but not entirely surprising.

Alaso Academy prides itself in having some of its board members working with reputable Universities in Zimbabwe that have and are contibuting emmensely to the success of the SDGs. This ensures that there is a natural synergy between the SDGs, the African Union’s Agenda 2063 (also adopted in 2015), and Alaso Academy’s strategic research and teaching strengths and priorities.

Alaso Academy is focusing on responding to the most critical problems facing Zimbabwe and the continent: inequality, inclusivity, accessibility, unemployment and safe cities. These are global grand challenges, but Zimbabwe and Africa is at the frontline of their impact. Academic institutions in Zimbabwe have a critical role to play in addressing these problems through research that emanates from an understanding of local contexts and in developing capacity to enable the country and the continent to solve its own problems, in partnership with – rather than relying on – other academic and research institutions as well as the civil society.

The link below shows a few of the work (in pictures) we have done so far in the year 2022 to attain this


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